About Me

My name is CJ Postal. I currently live in Saginaw, MI.I have numerous hobbies, and have done many things I consider to be pretty awesome through some of those hobbies. Some of the major ones include storm chasing, racing, logo/graphic design, photography, hockey, and music (especially the heavy kind) amongst others. 

I’ve lived in/around Saginaw County here in Michigan most of my life; except for a short time that I moved to Mooresville, NC. I’ve been fascinated with weather my whole life, the first real experience I had was as a child at a boy scout camp, where as we were camping overnight and a tornado traveled about 1/2 mile to our north. The other big experience that interested me in weather was the May 31st 1998 Southern Great Lakes Derecho. Much of Michigan was hit with 100mph and greater winds. Nearly 60% of the trees on the farm we lived on were destroyed and it crippled the top of our silo, which sat attached to a barn built in the mid 1800’s.

I first began what I consider to be “chasing” in 2010. 2011 was very interesting, and included myself missing 2 rain wrapped tornadoes in 3 days by about 3 miles. I intercepted the May 29th Derecho about 1 mile east of a tornado that touched down at the Shiawassee/Ingham Counties border, and about 2 miles south of the Bay County EF1 on May 31st.

Severe weather has been my main concentration for the last 3 or so years; and I’ve continued to learn so much. I’ve had a great communication with people in the weather community over the years, made many friends and look forward to talking with more people in the future! If you’re interested in watch my live stream while chasing; you can find it at ChaserTV

Besides weather, and working on cars; I have been doing graphic design work for at least the last 10 years. It was humble beginnings learning how to design race cars for a computer game, and as I gradually got better I joined Team SBR, one of the longest running Sim Racing websites known to the world. This is when I really began to love it; and my skills increased further. Over the span of about 3 years, I managed to combine the two of my hobbies to help Turner-Scott Motorsports (or at that time Braun Racing) of the NASCAR Nationwide Series with some graphic work with sponsors and the team. They are one of a few race teams I have helped over the years and it’s been a lot of fun with many memorable moments, including being on pit road/going to victory lane with the #32 team in Charlotte in 2006.

I am currently also the “Head Jester” of Jesterhead USA, a street team for the Swedish metal band In Flames. You can check them out on iTunes or YouTube – Or by visiting http://www.inflames.com or jesterhead.inflames.com

My social media information will soon be integrated into the blog in many forms, but if you stumble across this beforehand, here’s where you can follow me:

Twitter – @CJPostal

Facebook – CJ Postal

Google+ – Search CJ Postal

Email – postalc38@gmail.com

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